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Nyitott könyvtár [Open libraries. In Hungarian]
  • Judit H. Ward
The essays and studies in Judit Hajnal Ward’s Open libraries (Nyitott könyvtár, in Hungarian) published in 2015 by Kalligram, Hungary, wish to demonstrate the diverse activities of librarians to Hungarian readers using North American libraries as examples. Most of the experiences shared by the author, a librarian-information specialist in the United States, can be translated to international terms and have implications to librarians all over the world, as they cover evolving topics of the field, such as paradigm shifts in libraries, e-books, digital initiatives, and open libraries. The collection of articles, previously published in major Hungarian library journals from 2007 to 2015, connect librarians of the two continents by bridging the gap between libraries, cultures, and languages – with ample irony and reflections. The entertaining stories and reports from the world of North American libraries appeared first in Könyv, Könyvtár, Könyvtáros (Books, Libraries, Librarians). The narrative, however, also reflects a background of solid research and scholarly activities in library and information science. Articles published in Könyvtári Figyelő (Library Journal) focus on the contribution of libraries to the infrastructure of science in the broadest sense, many of them written before the Hungarian language had coined words for innovative ideas and tools. These new terms are explained and translated into Hungarian by the author, an experienced translator and instructor of English as well. These articles communicate the message that the role of libraries and librarians should be periodically revisited and 21st-century technology provides a unique opportunity for librarians to define their jobs as they are offering broader and more meaningful services to their users.
  • American libraries,
  • Open Science,
  • Hungary
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Judit H. Ward. Nyitott könyvtár [Open libraries. In Hungarian]. Budapest(2015)
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