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Contribution to Book Understanding evaluation standards for online resources in Hungarian Studies
Une nation vivant dans sa langue (2008)
  • Judit H. Ward, Rutgers University - New Brunswick/Piscataway
Given the large variety of resources available online, learning foreign languages has become ubiquitous. A significant amount of reliable and free information is available in Hungarian from trustworthy sources, which provide instant language learning material with expert help. Opportunities to improve language skills also include copious casual online communities, where cultural diversity is reality. Using electronic resources for second language acquisition draws attention to critical thinking and evaluation skills in a unique, non-native language setting in the classroom and outside. Despite the lack of the orientation offered by conventional URL extensions on American web sites (edu, com, org, gov), it is suggested that contextual evaluation of Hungarian web sites as well as language quality may provide guidance in terms of credibility of content.
  • electronic resources,
  • evaluation,
  • Hungarian Studies,
  • cognitive authority
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M. Farkas
Université Marc Bloch
Publisher Statement
Courtesy of Univ. Strasbourg and NKA, Hungary
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Judit H. Ward. " Understanding evaluation standards for online resources in Hungarian Studies" StrasbourgUne nation vivant dans sa langue (2008)
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