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Language acquisition assisted by the Internet
Educational Media International (1996)
  • Judit H. Ward, Rutgers University - New Brunswick/Piscataway
  • Laszlo Agocs
  • Gabor Veress
  • Laszlo Magulya
The authors focus on exploiting new methods of language acquisition with the help of the possibilities offered by the Internet. As a new option for computer-assisted language learning, the Internet is considered to be a source for individual learning and problem oriented teaching in many other areas. Expanding knowledge in parallel in informatics and the English language is an asset. In addition to pointing out starting off sites for ESL teachers and introducing some interesting examples, some criteria of constructing language teaching WWW pages of our own are also listed
  • foreign language learning,
  • online learning,
  • Hungarian Studies
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Judit H. Ward, Laszlo Agocs, Gabor Veress and Laszlo Magulya. "Language acquisition assisted by the Internet" Educational Media International Vol. 33 (1996)
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