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Growin’ Up: An Assessment of Adult Self-Image in Clinical Law Students
Akron Law Review (2011)
  • Judith L Ritter

My thesis is that a majority of law students do not view themselves as adult professionals. When upper-class law students participate in live-client clinical programs, their lack of an adult self-image presents a barrier to effectiveness.

This article draws upon theories of psychological and moral development to explore the ingredients of being an adult and having an adult self-image. It examines the obstacles to development confronted by contemporary law students. The article explains the ways in which having an adult self-image is so important to the success of the student lawyer and how lacking an adult self-image can diminish the value of an experiential learning experience.

In the article, I urge teachers in traditional and experiential/clinical courses to be mindful of the developmental journeys of our students. I recommend that faculty support personality growth at the same time that they support professional growth and skills acquisition. I suggest ways in which this can be accomplished. I conclude by emphasizing that by paying closer attention to students’ self-images clinical teachers can position their students for more substantial growth as lawyers.

  • legal education,
  • students,
  • self image,
  • clinical legal education,
  • adults,
  • professionals,
  • law students
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Judith L Ritter. "Growin’ Up: An Assessment of Adult Self-Image in Clinical Law Students" Akron Law Review Vol. 44 (2011)
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