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Sex Revolution Triggers National Impotence
World Net Daily (1999)
  • Judith A. Reisman, PhD
Most of the broadcast news and mainline press are spinning the bad news, “Sexual Dysfunction Survey” as good news, “If you think you have sexual problems, you’re not alone.” The sex study, published in the February 10, 1999, Journal of the American Medical Association by Edward Laumann, University of Chicago sociologist and co- author Raymond Rosen, based on the 1992 National Health and Social Life Survey findings, is supposed to represent interviews with 1,749 women and 1,410 men. The authors claim their findings are “the most reliable since Dr. Alfred Kinsey did his landmark studies in 1948. Kinsey got similar results regarding impotence and failure to achieve orgasm but didn’t ask about lack of sexual desire.”
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February 12, 1999
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Judith A. Reisman. "Sex Revolution Triggers National Impotence" World Net Daily (1999)
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