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Mountain Pine Beetle Emergence From Infested Logs During Hauling
  • W. C. Schaupp, Jr
  • J. E. Pasek
  • J. M. Schmid
  • S. A. Mata
  • C. K. Lister
Mountain pine beetle emergence from infested logs in transit was monitored during the 1992 emergence period. Portions of infested logs in eight loads were covered with screen prior to hauling. The screening was removed immediately after the loads arrived in the mill yard and the bark surface examined for live beetles. Very few beetles emerged. The incidence of beetle infestation was probably not increased along the haul route from the transport of infested logs.
  • mountain pine beetle,
  • ponderosa pine,
  • logging
Publication Date
May, 1993
Citation Information
W. C. Schaupp, J. E. Pasek, J. M. Schmid, S. A. Mata, et al.. "Mountain Pine Beetle Emergence From Infested Logs During Hauling" (1993)
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