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How do Women Who Plan Home Birth Prepare for Childbirth
Journal of Perinatal Education (2009)
  • Judith A. Lothian, Seton Hall University
In this column, the findings of a secondary analysis of data from a larger qualitative study of the experience of home birth are discussed. The aim was to describe the ways in which women who plan home birth prepare for their births. The findings provide support for the idea of birth preparation and education occurring throughout pregnancy and describe the ways in which women planning to give birth at home develop confidence, plan for support, and make decisions related to the particulars of the labor and birth. Implications of these findings for childbirth education are explored.
  • planned home birth,
  • informed decision making,
  • childbirth education,
  • labor support,
  • home birth,
  • prenatal care
Publication Date
December 31, 2009
Citation Information
Judith A. Lothian. "How do Women Who Plan Home Birth Prepare for Childbirth" Journal of Perinatal Education Vol. 19 Iss. 3 (2009) p. 62 - 67 ISSN: 1548-8519
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