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Persuasion: The Key to Changing Women's Ideas About Birth
Journal of Perinatal Education (2009)
  • Judith A. Lothian, Seton Hall University
Although standard maternity care is not evidence-based and, in many cases, increases risks for mothers and babies, few women make birth decisions that reflect this knowledge. This column discusses persuasion as a way to change women's ideas about safe, healthy birth. The relationship between persuasion and choice is discussed, and the differences between presenting information and persuading women that natural birth is the safest and healthiest way to give birth are explored.
  • childbirth education,
  • persuasion,
  • safe birth,
  • healthy birth,
  • simple birth,
  • natural birth,
  • evidence-based maternity care,
  • informed decision making
Publication Date
Fall 2009
Citation Information
Judith A. Lothian. "Persuasion: The Key to Changing Women's Ideas About Birth" Journal of Perinatal Education Vol. 18 Iss. 4 (2009) p. 41 - 44 ISSN: 1548-8519
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