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Consulting and Evaluation with Nonprofit and Community-Based Organizations
  • Judah J Viola, National-Louis University
  • Susan D McMahon, DePaul University
This resource book is designed to provide information from experienced professionals and written materials to assist early career consultants. For us, consulting work has been one way to stay connected with the schools and community-based organizations that help our communities thrive. Reflecting on our own experiences, reviewing the literature, and engaging in dialogue with practitioners who consult full-time has given us an array of useful strategies, tips, and advice to help readers get started with consulting, build a practice, and do effective work. Chapters 1–7 of the text delve into the nuts and bolts of building a consulting business. Chapters 8–16 cover the in-depth processes involved in consultation, challenges and benefits you may encounter, and advice about the consulting cycle from start to finish. All contributing authors have substantial consultation experience and have taken different paths to achieve success. The intended audience for this guidebook includes all people seeking guidance regarding consulting in the public sector. Specifically, this may include students and professionals with a background in the social sciences (e.g., psychology [community, clinical, applied social, and industrial organizational], sociology, social work, anthropology, policy analysis, evaluation, behavioral sciences), education, nonprofit management, urban planning, public health, human services, and public service, as well as government or nonprofit employees, and a host of other allied professions. Regardless of your background, we hope our focus on discussing and illustrating the processes with many examples will help you become an effective and successful consultant with community-based organizations. There are not a large number of people doing this work; however, the consultants we have spoken with (more than 50) have found an untapped market that stretches far beyond the amount of work they can provide. This book will help you walk through the steps of starting and building a consulting practice with nonprofit organizations, as well as provide you with the advice, examples, and tools to be successful, effective, and helpful to you and to those with whom you work.
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Publication Date
Summer June, 2009
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
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Judah J Viola and Susan D McMahon. Consulting and Evaluation with Nonprofit and Community-Based Organizations. Boston, MA.(2009)
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