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Unpublished Paper
From slavery to integration: the social legacy of Roman Law
ITAM-ILACDE Working Papers (2007)
  • Juan Javier del Granado
Roman private law accounts for different experiences of slavery and racial segregation in the Americas. Slavery was and is evil. This evil existed in both Anglo and Latin America. Nevertheless, the transition out of slavery was much less traumatic for Latin America than for the United States. Furthermore, the United States is still racially segregated. Latin America has been racially integrated since the 16th century, long before the abolition of slavery in the area. This article suggests that the difference was partly caused by the divide between the two area's legal heritages.
Publication Date
July, 2007
Citation Information
Juan Javier del Granado. "From slavery to integration: the social legacy of Roman Law" ITAM-ILACDE Working Papers (2007)
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