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Unpublished Paper
Law is plumbing; law is not philosophy
ITAM-ILACDE Working Papers (2007)
  • Juan Javier del Granado
The Romans were experts at the practical. Law and plumbing are two of Rome's greatest contributions to Western civililization. Both are within the realm of practical reason. Both are subject to the practical test of use. A good plumbing fixture is one which can withstand substantial water pressure. A good legal doctrine is one which can withstand intense private scrutiny. Philosophy, however, is theoretical reason and a gift from the Greeks. Philosophy is tested by coherence. Accordingly, the philosophy of law is as literally nonsensical as the philosophy of plumbing. Latin American legal scholars show a yearning admiration for sozzled, self-absorbed legal philosophers, and can ingest philosophy better than rhetoric. Yet legal scholars must place themselves on the other side of the divide between Plato and Isocrates.
Publication Date
November, 2007
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Juan Javier del Granado. "Law is plumbing; law is not philosophy" ITAM-ILACDE Working Papers (2007)
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