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Automatic Pose Tracking and Motion Transfer to Arbitrary 3D Characters
Image and Graphics
  • Ju Shen, University of Dayton
  • Jianjun Yang, University of North Georgia
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3D character with human motion offers a high end technology for creating compelling contents in graphics. In this paper, we present an automatic system to animate a 3D character with human motion streamed from a single video camera. The traditional mesh animation process is laborious and requires high skills from the users. To mitigate this limitation, a new way for bringing 3D objects to life is introduced that does not need explicit mesh positioning. In our framework, the animation is driven by the captured motion from an ordinary RGB camera. In order to reduce the ambiguity of the estimated 3D pose, a modified spatio-temporal constraint based algorithm is used for articulated gesture estimation across frames while maintaining temporal coherence. Our approach demonstrates promising performance on par with state-of-the-art techniques. We believe the presented animation system will allow a new audience of novice users to easily and efficiently create animation for arbitrary 3D characters.

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Ju Shen and Jianjun Yang. "Automatic Pose Tracking and Motion Transfer to Arbitrary 3D Characters" Image and Graphics Vol. 9217 (2015)
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