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Unpublished Paper
Environmental design and emerging technologies: Today and the near future
Interior Design Educators' Council (2010)
  • Joseph S Clark, Florida State University
  • Lindsay Tan, Auburn University Main Campus

Technological advances over the past 10 years have caused some significant changes to the design of the built environment. These developments, and others like them, promise to change more than just how we design; they will very likely change what we design as well. The authors will present the connection between these developments in a way that projects, realistically, how technology will affect, and are employed by, the design professions in the next five to ten years. Further, the authors will address the promises and pitfalls of embracing virtual environments as the domain of environmental design.

  • interior design,
  • new media,
  • virtual worlds
Publication Date
March, 2010
Citation Information
Joseph S Clark and Lindsay Tan. "Environmental design and emerging technologies: Today and the near future" Interior Design Educators' Council (2010)
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