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Contribution to Book
Selling With Gaia: Advertising and the Natural World
Ecomedia: Key Issues (2015)
  • Joseph S Clark, Florida State University

This chapter examines how advertising presents the natural world and uses it as a spokesperson, in the process both shaping and reflecting concepts of “Nature”—in many cases, towards commodified ends that can ultimately harm the natural world by encouraging consumption. The role of verbal elements in the form of buzzwords and explicit claims is examined, as is that of nonverbal, visual elements less accessible to conscious awareness and resistance. The chapter includes a review of “eco-advertising” research and theory from the past couple of decades, and presents several case studies that demonstrate the ways both advertising and its audiences can adapt and respond to new media developments like the interactive Web, computer games, and mixed (both virtual and augmented) realities. A critical stance is used to interrogate the impact of these practices and technologies on the natural systems that support human existence.

  • advertising,
  • rhetoric,
  • ecomedia,
  • environmental communication
Publication Date
August 31, 2015
Rust, S., Monani, S. & Cubitt, S.
Key Issues in Environment and Sustainability
Citation Information
Joseph S Clark. "Selling With Gaia: Advertising and the Natural World" New YorkEcomedia: Key Issues (2015)
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