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About Joseph Rouse

Professor Rouse’s primary research interests are in the philosophy of science, the history of 20th C. philosophy, and interdisciplinary science studies. Within these areas his primary foci include the philosophy of scientific practice; naturalism and anti-naturalism in 20th Century philosophy; connections between “analytic” and “continental” philosophy; the relation of philosophy of science to philosophy of mind and language, and to metaphysics; cultural studies of science and feminist science studies. He is currently working on a book about conceptual understanding in science and in discursive practice generally.


Present Chair, Science in Society, Wesleyan University
Present Hedding Professor of Moral Science, Wesleyan University
Present Professor of Philosophy, Wesleyan University
Present Professor, Science in Society, Wesleyan University

Curriculum Vitae


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Contact Information

Office telephone and voicemail: 860-685-3655
Fax: 860-685-3861
Pony Express: Department of Philosophy, Wesleyan University, 350 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459


Books (4)

Papers in Philosophy of Science and Science Studies (16)

Papers on Philosophy of Mind & Language, Epistemology & Metaphysics, & Naturalism (6)