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Transforming Doctoral Education Through the Clinical Electronic Portfolio
Nurse educator
  • Nancy Moriber, Fairfield University
  • Meredith Wallace Kazer, Fairfield University
  • Joyce M. Shea, Fairfield University
  • Sheila Grossman, Fairfield University
  • Kathleen Wheeler, Fairfield University
  • Jaclyn Conelius, Fairfield University
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The DNP is a terminal degree focusing on the preparation of expert clinicians with advanced leadership, evidence-based practice, and systems management skills. An electronic clinical portfolio (e-portfolio) allows students to showcase their individual experiences, provides an objective measure of their achievement, and demonstrates integration of the core doctoral competencies within each specialty. The purpose of this article was to describe the development of an e-portfolio and provide general guidelines for successful implementation and evaluation.


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Nancy A. Moriber, Meredith Wallace-Kazer, Joyce Shea, Sheila Grossman, Kathryn Wheeler, Jaclyn Conelius. "Transforming Doctoral Education Through the Clinical Electronic Portfolio." Nurse educator 39.5 (2014): 221-226.
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Nancy Moriber, Meredith Wallace Kazer, Joyce M. Shea, Sheila Grossman, et al.. "Transforming Doctoral Education Through the Clinical Electronic Portfolio" Nurse educator Vol. 39 Iss. 5 (2014)
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