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Handbook of geriatric assessment, 4th edition
Nursing Faculty Book Gallery
  • Joseph Gallo
  • Gregory Paveza
  • William Reichel
  • Terry Fulmer
  • Meredith Wallace Kazer, Fairfield University
  • Joyce M. Shea, Fairfield University
  • C. Guttman

Co-editors: Joseph Gallo, Terry Fulmer, Gregory Paveza, William Reichel.

Contributing authors: Joyce Shea, Meredith Wallace Kazer and C. Guttman

Document Type
Book Contribution
Joyce Shea and Meredith Wallace Kazer (with C. Guttman) are contributing authors, "Health promotion," pp. 331-368.
Publication Date
Publication Information

Wallace, Meredith, Shea, Joyce M., & Guttman, C. (2006). Health promotion. In Joseph Gallo, Terry Fulmer, Gregory Paveza, & William Reichel (Eds.), Handbook of geriatric assessment (4th ed.), (pp. 331-368). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Citation Information
Joseph Gallo, Gregory Paveza, William Reichel, Terry Fulmer, et al.. "Handbook of geriatric assessment, 4th edition" (2006)
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