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Digital Literacy PDF UEJ-1.pdf
Utah English Journal (2014)
  • Joyce Kinkead
  • Kolbie Astle Blume
This article describes how digital literacy is
used in a university-level course to help future
secondary English teachers explore young adult
(YA) literature and teach them how to use it
in their future classrooms. Within the course,
students work on a number of digital projects
that they can also use in their own teaching, including
book trailers, YouTube type videos for
Banned Books Week’s “Virtual Read-Out,” and
graphic book reports. Particularly, it describes
how using a specific type of graphic book
report—a glog or graphic blog—can provide
an alternative to traditional book reports while
also helping students demonstrate mastery of
digital literacy skills.
  • young adult literature,
  • digital literacy,
  • Glogster
Publication Date
November, 2014
Citation Information
Joyce Kinkead and Kolbie Astle Blume. "Digital Literacy PDF UEJ-1.pdf" Utah English Journal Vol. 34 (2014) p. 37 - 44
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