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Researching Writing: An Introduction to Research Methods
  • Joyce Kinkead
Researching Writing is an accessible, informative textbook that teaches undergraduates how to conduct ethical, authentic research in writing studies. The book introduces students to the research approaches used most often and offers a course framework for professors creating or teaching research courses themselves.
Author Joyce Kinkead lays out the research process, including finding and defining questions, planning, and starting the research. Expository content introduces the language and methods of writing research, and specific methods are demonstrated in published examples, illustrating student work using student work and showing that it is possible for students to join the scholarly conversation in writing studies. Other features include student activities, instructor resources, student resources, and links to external content on journal websites, digital publications, YouTube, and similar work.
The first-ever textbook for research methods in writing studies for undergraduates, Researching Writing takes a hands-on approach that excites and engages students in the depth and complexities of research and will influence the creation of courses in new writing majors as the field continues to grow.
  • writing studies,
  • research methods,
  • composition studies
Publication Date
July, 2016
Utah State University Press
Citation Information
Joyce Kinkead. Researching Writing: An Introduction to Research Methods. Logan(2016) p. 1 - 344
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