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Envisioning Sustainable Development in World Regions
College of Business & Public Management Faculty Books
  • Joy Fritschle, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • Ryan Dicce
This book addresses sustainable development in the twenty-first century in a way that is accessible to students in introductory geography and environmental studies, or to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of what exactly is meant by sustainable development. The text surveys the fundamental conditions to achieving sustainable development on a global and regional scale, and reports on the progress of this global project to date. In the spirit of lessening its ecological footprint, the text is available from Kendall-Hunt exclusively as an e-book, which also allows for publication of its full-color maps and reduces its cost.
Publication Date
Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
Citation Information
Joy Fritschle and Ryan Dicce. Envisioning Sustainable Development in World Regions. Dubuque, IA(2013)
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