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Unpublished Paper
Program Evaluation for the Noble County Drug Court, for the period 2008-2009.
  • Jospeter M. Mbuba, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

Noble County is a rural county located in the northeast corner of Indiana. Because the county has consistently ranked highly in methamphetamine use, the county’s Probation Department resolved to try the Drug Court as an alternative to the traditional case processing methods. This study was conducted for the court’s operation for the period, January 2008 through December 2009. The study found that the Drug Court program positively impacted the lives of many county residents. In addition to diverting offenders from custodial sentence, the Drug Court option provides an early and prompt placement of offenders into substance abuse treatment and offers them a non-adversarial approach, which promotes their success in the program. Since participants in Drug Court are under more intense supervision compared to probationers in the regular justice system, they have much fewer chances of committing additional offenses, which means the Drug Court alternative increases the overall level of safety in the community. The Court also saves local and state tax payers significant amounts of money that would have been spent in the upkeep of offenders if they had to be jailed or incarcerated in the state Department of Corrections. Other implications of the program are discussed and a set of recommendations provided.

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Jospeter M. Mbuba. "Program Evaluation for the Noble County Drug Court, for the period 2008-2009." (2010)
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