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Unpublished Paper
The Two Sides of Competition and Their Implications for Strategy
Unpublished manuscript (2008)
  • Michael D Ryall
  • Joshua S Gans
  • Glenn MacDonald

We analyze value appropriation under competition using cooperative game theory and demonstrate that competition embodies two competing rivalries: to appropriate value on the one hand and to create it on the other. The management of this tension is central to strategy. We present a new notion of competitive intensity, show where the traditional view of competition leads one astray and introduce a new quantitative method by which practitioners may assess their strategic options.

  • competition,
  • appropriation,
  • cooperative game theory,
  • strategy
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Michael D Ryall, Joshua S Gans and Glenn MacDonald. "The Two Sides of Competition and Their Implications for Strategy" Unpublished manuscript (2008)
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