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Unpublished Paper
Exclusivity, Competition, and the Irrelevance of External Investments
  • Catherine C de Fontenay
  • Joshua S Gans, Melbourne Business School
  • Vivienne Groves, Melbourne Business School

This paper considers the effect of exclusive contracts on investment decisions in a market with two upstream and two downstream firms. Segal and Whinston's (2000) irrelevance result is generalized and it is show that exclusive contracts have no effect on the equilibrium level of internal investment for the contracted parties when competition exists in both the upstream and downstream markets. Furthermore, by considering a more competitive environment we are able to demonstrate that strongly internal investment by rival upstream-downstream bargaining pairs is similarly unaffected by the presence of exclusive contracts.

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Catherine C de Fontenay, Joshua S Gans and Vivienne Groves. "Exclusivity, Competition, and the Irrelevance of External Investments" (2009)
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