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Professional Worker Career Experience Survey (PWCES) Data and Metadata
  • Joshua L. Rosenbloom, University of Kansas
  • Ronald A. Ash, University of Kansas
The Professional Worker Career Experience Survey (PWCES) contains responses from 752 working professionals who were surveyed between December 2003 and September 2004. The survey contains a rich combination of data on personal education and work histories, family structure, employment and demographic characteristics, and variety of personality scales. These data are available for download as a text file (.csv) and as a STATA (.dta) file. Anyone is free to use these data for scholarly purposes, but as a condition of use they must include a citation to this users guide in any papers or published articles that employ these data.
Publication Date
October 6, 2009
Citation Information
Joshua L. Rosenbloom and Ronald A. Ash. "Professional Worker Career Experience Survey (PWCES) Data and Metadata" (2009)
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