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Academic Chemistry Inputs and Outcomes Data
  • Joshua L. Rosenbloom, University of Kansas
  • Donna K. Ginther, University of Kansas
  • Ted P. Juhl, University of Kansas
  • Joseph A. Heppert, University of Kansas
The Academic Chemistry Inputs and Outcomes Data assembles panel data on academic chemistry inputs and outputs for 147 universities from 1989 through 2009. Each observation represents a single university-year and includes information on numbers of publications, citations to these publications, levels of federal and non-federal R&D funding, numbers of faculty, postdoctoral researchers, doctorates awarded and institutional characteristics. The data were compiled for the analysis of the determinants of university publication behavior and its relationship to research funding as reported in Joshua L. Rosenbloom, Donna K. Ginther, Ted Juhl and Joseph Heppert, "The Effects of Research & Development Funding on Scientific Productivity: Academic Chemistry, 1990-2009," Public Library of Science One (forthcoming, 2015). As described in the Data Description and Code Book, these data were assembled by linking together information from a number of publicly available data sources and combining them with proprietary data on publications and citations provided by Thomson Reuters from their Web of Science database. These data are available to download as a text file (.csv) and as a STATA (.dta) data file. Anyone is free to use these data for scholarly purposes, but must include a citation to this user guide in any papers or published articles that employ these data.
Publication Date
July 17, 2015
Citation Information
Joshua L. Rosenbloom, Donna K. Ginther, Ted P. Juhl and Joseph A. Heppert. "Academic Chemistry Inputs and Outcomes Data" (2015)
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