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Slave Prices and the South Carolina Economy, 1722–1809
The Journal of Economic History (2001)
  • Peter C. Mancall, University of Kansas
  • Joshua L. Rosenbloom, University of Kansas
  • Thomas Weiss, University of Kansas
Based on data from probate inventories we construct and analyze an annual time series of slave prices for South Carolina from 1722 to 1809. Comparison of South Carolina slave prices with those in other parts of the Western Hemisphere and the relationship between slave prices and slave imports indicate that while the long-run supply of slaves was highly elastic, over periods of one to two decades the supply curve was upward sloping. Comparison of our slave price series with an index of agricultural export prices indicates that labor productivity growth in agriculture was modest over the eighteenth century.
Publication Date
September, 2001
Citation Information
Peter C. Mancall, Joshua L. Rosenbloom and Thomas Weiss. "Slave Prices and the South Carolina Economy, 1722–1809" The Journal of Economic History Vol. 61 Iss. 3 (2001)
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