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About Joshua B. Michael, M.Div., M.L.I.S.

Josh joined the library in June 2013 as liaison to the nursing and pharmacology schools. He has worked in libraries as a student assistant, public services librarian, and director since 2001. Josh is married to a fellow CU graduate and they have four sons who enjoy making lots of noise and running amok. He grew up in Maryland and loved living in Washington state during seminary. He is insufferable on anything about the Civil War and often pretentious about The New Yorker. He is misguided enough to continue running despite a clear lack of any real ability. Also, he spends a lot of the day thinking about food. Josh became Director of Library Public Services in November 2014.


Present Assistant Professor of Library Science, Cedarville University Centennial Library
Present Dean of Library Services, Cedarville University Centennial Library

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Centennial Library
Cedarville University
LIB 115


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