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Milk composition for admixed dairy cattle in Tanzania
Frontiers in Genetics (2018)
  • Evans K Cheruiyot
  • Rawlynce C Bett
  • Joshua Amimo
  • Fidalis D Mujibi
It is well established that milk composition is affected by the breed and genotype of a cow. The present study investigated the relationship between the proportion of exotic genes and milk composition in Tanzanian crossbred dairy cows. Milk samples were collected from 209 animals kept under smallholder production systems in Rungwe and Lushoto districts of Tanzania. The milk samples were analyzed for the content of components including fat, protein, casein, lactose, solids-not-fat (SNF), and the total solids (TS) through infrared spectroscopy using Milko-Scan FT1 analyzer (Foss Electric, Denmark). Hair samples for DNA analysis were collected from individual cows and breed composition determined using 150,000 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers. 
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Evans K Cheruiyot, Rawlynce C Bett, Joshua Amimo and Fidalis D Mujibi. "Milk composition for admixed dairy cattle in Tanzania" Frontiers in Genetics Vol. 9 (2018)
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