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Signatures of selection in admixed dairy cattle in Tanzania
Frontiers in Genetics (2018)
  • Evans K Cheruiyot
  • Joshua O Amimo
  • Rawlynce C Bett
  • Yi Zhang
  • Raphael Mrode
  • Fidalis D Mujibi
Multiple studies have investigated selection signatures in domestic cattle and other species. However, there is a dearth of information about the response to selection in genomes of highly admixed crossbred cattle in relation to production and adaptation to tropical environments. In this study, we evaluated 839 admixed crossbred cows sampled from two major dairy regions in Tanzania namely Rungwe and Lushoto districts, in order to understand their genetic architecture and detect genomic regions showing preferential selection. Animals were genotyped at 150,000 SNP loci using the Geneseek Genomic Profiler (GGP) High Density (HD) SNP array. Population structure analysis showed a large within-population genetic diversity in the study animals with a high degree of variation in admixture ranging between 7% and 100% taurine genes (dairyness) of mostly Holstein and Friesian ancestry.
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Evans K Cheruiyot, Joshua O Amimo, Rawlynce C Bett, Yi Zhang, et al.. "Signatures of selection in admixed dairy cattle in Tanzania" Frontiers in Genetics Vol. 9 (2018)
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