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U Chicago Booth Stigler Center Presentation
U Chicago Booth Stigler Center (2023)
  • J.S. Nelson
A presentation on my business ethics book with moderator Professor John Paul Rollert at the University of Chicago Booth School's Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State.
  • business ethics,
  • economy,
  • students,
  • Gen Z,
  • millennials
Publication Date
March 6, 2023
Join the Stigler Center for a conversation with J.S. Nelson (Harvard/Villanova Law Schools) on her new book, Business Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know (with the late Lynn A. Stout), moderated by Chicago Booth’s John Paul Rollert.

In today's turbulent business climate, business ethics are more important than ever. Surveys of employees show that misconduct is on the rise. Cover stories reporting indictments, prosecutions, and penalties imposed for unethical business conduct appear almost daily. Legislatures pass requirements elevating the levels of punishment and their enforcement against corporations and individuals. Organizations face pressure to design and implement effective ethics and compliance programs. As a result, businesses and businesspeople are increasingly worried that their conduct might cross lines that put their wealth and reputations at risk. Business Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know explains what those lines are, how not to cross them, and what to do when they are crossed.
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J.S. Nelson. "U Chicago Booth Stigler Center Presentation" U Chicago Booth Stigler Center (2023)
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