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Implications of Recent Research on Eastern European Adoption for Social Work Practice
Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal (2009)
  • Josephine A. Ruggiero, Providence College
  • Kathy Johnson
Social workers engaged in preparing and supporting families that adopt non-infants and sibling groups from Russia and other Eastern European countries need to be well-versed in: (1) the issues that affect this population of adoptees and adopters; and (2) the recent research on both. They also need to expand the model of adoptive families that drives their work. The authors identify three areas of risk to successful older-child adoptee and adoptive family functioning, explore the consequences of detrimental adoption policies and practices on the micro and macro-levels, and make recommendations for needed changes. The changes the authors identify are framed through an investigation of recent research on international adoptees and their adoptive families. The authors use adoptive parents’ own words to make the issues they discuss more concrete. Implications for social worker training and practice, and expanded roles for social workers, are identified.
Publication Date
December, 2009
Citation Information
Josephine A. Ruggiero and Kathy Johnson. "Implications of Recent Research on Eastern European Adoption for Social Work Practice" Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal Vol. 26 Iss. 6 (2009) p. 485 - 504 ISSN: 0738-0151
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