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A Becoming Habit
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  • Joseph L. Zornado, Rhode Island College
Flannery O'Connor's Fiction of Unknowing
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Much of Flannery O'Connor's fiction undermines the notion that her texts, or any text for that matter, offers the reader a chance at fixed comprehensibility In fact, O'Connor's fiction often clears itself away as a meaning-bearing icon in order to introduce the reader to something other, to the mystery latent and invisible in the manners. O'Connor remains remarkable as an avowed Catholic and as a writer because she resisted spelling out that mystery though her Catholic faith offered much in the way of dogma that might have sufficed. Even so, there is an indissoluble link between the writer and the Catholic that critics have recognized since the publication of her first novel, Wise Blood in 1952.
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Zornado, J. (1997). A becoming habit: Flannery O'Connor's fiction of unknowing. Religion & Literature, 29(2), 27-59.