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About Joseph L Zornado

Joseph L. Zornado, born December 14th, 1964. Raised in San Diego, California, attended public school, completed his B.A. in English at San Diego State University, graduating cum laude. He completed his Masters in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing at San Diego University in 1989. That year he married and he and his wife moved to Connecticut so that Zornado could complete his PhD at the University of Connecticut.
Zornado concentrated in American Literature, Children’s Literature, poetry and fiction. He completed his PhD with a dissertation on Flannery O’Connor in 1993. In 1995 he secured a tenure-track position at Rhode Island College teaching Children’s Literature, American Literature along with many other courses and teaches there as a Professor of English.
In 2010 he became the director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning devoted to the professional growth and development of faculty at Rhode Island College. Check out the website here:
Zornado has published numerous scholarly articles, essays, reviews and poetry. He published his first scholarly book, Inventing the Child: Culture, Ideology and the Story of Childhood in 2001 with Garland/Routledge. Still in print and critically acclaimed, Inventing the Child was issued as a paperback in 2006. A Korean translation appeared in the spring of 2011.
In 2003 Zornado began work on the re-invention of his professional life with the trilogy, 2050—A Future History. Always a reader of fantasy and science fiction, he has combined his commitment to the genre with his abiding interest in science, religion, mythology and cultural process.. “2050” is nothing less than a fictional working out of his earlier work, provocative and prophetic, detailed and thorough. It is a work of futurist speculation in the spirit of Orwell and Huxley and Quinn but in the narrative ambitions of Tolkien and Herbert. In 2011 Zornado published Volume I, “2050: Gods of Little Earth” with Iron Diesel Press. Volume II will appear in 2012, and Volume III in 2013. Check out the web-site here:
He lives in Connecticut with his wife and their three children.


Present Faculty Member, Rhode Island College

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