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A Primer on Groundwater Law
Idaho Law Review (2013)
  • Joseph W Dellapenna, Villanova University
A large percentage, about thirty percent, of fresh water on planet Earth is underground. Not all water underground is “groundwater.” As hydrologist Harold Thomas pointed out nearly sixty years ago, [g]round water is only the part of the subterranean water that occurs where all pores in the containing rock materials are saturated. The “zone of saturation” may extend up to the land surface in some places . . . . At all other places, above the ground water zone, “a zone of aeration” exists . . . . Some water is in the zone of aeration at all times . . . . Wells cannot extract any of this water; they must be drilled through the zone of aeration and obtain their supplies from ground water.
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Joseph W Dellapenna. "A Primer on Groundwater Law" Idaho Law Review Vol. 49 (2013)
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