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Cross-Cultural Service Delivery to Minority Communities
Journal of Community Psychology (1988)
  • Joseph E. Trimble, PhD
  • Janet Kay Bobo
  • Lewayne D. Gilchrist, University of Washington
  • George T. Cvetkovich, Western Washing
Feasibility of cross-cultural prevention efforts hinges on extensive collaborative interaction. The State-wide Indian Drug Prevention Program (IDPP) emphasis on collaboration resulted in successful delivery of a culturally tailored drug abuse prevention program to six groups of Native American youth in urban and rural communities. Procedures used by IDPP staff are detailed, and process data including attendance, participant demographics, and consumer satisfaction indices are presented. Preliminary findings suggesting positive program effects on correlates of adolescent substance use are also reported.
  • Native Americna youth,
  • Cross-cultural prevention programs
Publication Date
July, 1988
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Citation Information
Joseph E. Trimble, PhD, Janet Kay Bobo, Lewayne D. Gilchrist and George T. Cvetkovich. "Cross-Cultural Service Delivery to Minority Communities" Journal of Community Psychology Vol. 16 Iss. 3 (1988) p. 263 - 272
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