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Prolegomena for the Connotation of Construct Use in the Measurement of Ethnic and Racial Identity
Journal of Counseling Psychology (2007)
  • Joseph E. Trimble, PhD
There is considerable confusion about ethnic and racial identity, multicultural constructs, and the tools available to assess them. The conceptualization and measurement of the constructs in the field also are complicated by the increasing observation that human beings have multiple, intertwined identities that influence one another in ways that are not fully understood. Measurement problems are compounded by the growing popularity of identity to the extent that theory, construct clarity, and appropriate statistical analyses are ignored. The problems could influence counselors who are confronted with their client's identity distortions and confusions. To work through a client's uncertainty about his or her identity, counselors should understand the origins of identity constructs and how the client frames his or her identity problems and confusion. Given the state of pandemonium in ethnic and racial identity, it is essential that considerations are given to the historical developments of the constructs and what they mean for contemporary research and development. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved)
  • Identity,
  • Ethnic,
  • Race,
  • Culture,
  • Measurement & cultural equivalence,
  • Counselors
Publication Date
July, 2007
Publisher Statement
Published by the American Psychological Association
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Joseph E. Trimble, PhD. "Prolegomena for the Connotation of Construct Use in the Measurement of Ethnic and Racial Identity" Journal of Counseling Psychology Vol. 54 Iss. 3 (2007) p. 247 - 258
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