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Scaling social life feelings by factor analysis of binary variables
Social Indicators Research (1987)
  • Joseph F. Lucke, State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Karl Schuessler

This paper draws on D. J. Bartholomew's recent work on the factor analysis of categoric data, especially as it pertains to the scaling of social life feelings such as self-determination, trust, satisfaction. The logit-probit model and the probitprobit model were fitted to five items on trust in order to display their characteristics and to consider their utility. The Rasch model was fitted to the same data set in order to show its relation to the aforesaid Bartholomew factor models. Although recent work has put scaling by means of categoric responses on a surer statistical basis, it still leaves a variety of questions unanswered. Foremost among these is the question of whether latent variables are fact or fiction.

  • binary items; binary factor analysis; logit model; probit model
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Joseph F. Lucke and Karl Schuessler. "Scaling social life feelings by factor analysis of binary variables" Social Indicators Research Vol. 19 (1987)
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