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Designed Polymers by Carbocationic Macromolecular Engineering
Oxford University Press
  • Joseph Kennedy, The University of Akron
  • Bela Ivan
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The first comprehensive treatment of its subject, this book is for polymer professionals interested in producing polymeric materials designed for specific applications. Carbocationic macromolecular engineering is one of the most powerful techniques for this purpose. Its appeal has been heightened by the recent discovery of living cationic polymerizations. The book is divided into sections on theory and practice, with the first part consisting of a general introduction to carbocationic polymerization fundamentals and mechanisms, including the latest views on living carbocationic polymerizations. The second part is a comprehensive examination of specific products and processes. The emphasis is on new products and the strategies used to create them, with descriptions of their ease, practicality, and economy. For all those involved with the designed assembly of polymers and macromolecular engineering, this work represents a vital source of up-to-date information on a rapidly expanding new field.
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Joseph Kennedy and Bela Ivan. "Designed Polymers by Carbocationic Macromolecular Engineering" Oxford University Press (1992)
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