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Generalized Estimating Equations, second edition.pdf
  • James W Hardin
  • Joseph M.. Hilbe
Generalized Estimating Equations, Second edition, updates the best-selling previous edition, which has been the standard text on the subject since it was published a decade ago. Combining theory and application, the text provides readers with a comprehensive discussion of GEE and related models. Numerous examples are employed throughout the text, along with the software code used to create, run, and evaluate the models being examined. Stata is used as the primary software for running and displaying modeling output; associated R code is also given to allow R users to replicate Stata examples. Specific examples of SAS usage are provided in the final chapter as well as on the book's website.
  • GEE,
  • GLM,
  • longitudinal
Publication Date
December 10, 2012
Chapman & Hall/CRC
Citation Information
Hardin, J.W. and Hilbe, J.M. (2012), Generalized Estimating Equations, second edition, Boca Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC