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International Monetary and Financial Economics
Books by Marquette University Faculty
  • Joseph Daniels, Marquette University
  • David D. VanHoose, Baylor University
International Monetary and Financial Economics covers the key concepts of both international financial economics and open economy macroeconomics in an accessible, user-friendly manner. It concentrates on diagrammatic and conceptual explanations, and relates the material to the many current business and policy issues appearing in leading publications such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times. The book thoroughly covers the full range of international money and finance topics, including international finance, international money and banking and open-economy macroeconomics, illustrating how all three areas help us understand the world economic and financial system. It also integrates policy making and policy options throughout, as well as coverage of international organizations and their role in policy formation.
Publication Date
South-Western College Pub.

Table of Contents

Unit 1. International Payments and Exchange

Ch. 1. Keeping Up with a Changing World-Gross Domestic Product, Price Indexes, and the Balance of Payments

Ch. 2. The Market for Foreign Exchange

Ch. 3. Exchange Rate Arrangements and Systems, Past to Present

Unit 2. International Financial Instruments, Markets, and Institutions

Ch. 4. The Forward Currency Market and International Financial Arbitrage

Ch. 5. Interest Yields, Interest Rate Risk, and Derivative Securities

Ch. 6. A Single World Marketplace: International Financial Market Integration

Ch. 7. International Banking and Payment Systems

Unit 3. Central Banks, Exchange Rates, and Balance-of-Payments Determination

Ch. 8. The Role of Central Banks

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Joseph Daniels and David D. VanHoose. International Monetary and Financial Economics. Cincinnati, OH(1998) ISSN: 053887533X
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