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International Monetary and Financial Economics, Third Edition
Books by Marquette University Faculty
  • Joseph P. Daniels, Marquette University
  • David D. VanHoose, Baylor University
This text covers the full range of topics in international money and finance, giving solid attention to 3 key areas - international finance, open-economy macroeconomics, and international money and banking. It consistently connects theory to real-world policy and business applications (and strikes a balance between business relevance and policy relevance), demonstrating to readers the contemporary applications that can be explored, and that international monetary and financial economics is a dynamic and interesting subject area that has become of great importance for international affairs and business.
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Keeping up with a changing world-trade flows, capital flows, and the balance of payments

Ch. 2. The market for foreign exchange

Ch. 3. Exchange-rate systems, past to present

Ch. 4. The forward currency market and international financial arbitrage

Ch. 5. Interest yields, interest-rate risk, and derivative securities

Ch. 6. International banking, central banks, and supranational financial policymaking institutions

Ch. 7. The international financial architecture and emerging economies

Ch. 8. Traditional approaches to balance-of-payments and exchange-rate determination

Ch. 9. Monetary and portfolio approaches to balance-of-payments and exchange-rate determination

Ch. 10. An open economy framework

Ch. 11. Economic policy with fixed exchange rates

Ch. 12. Economic policy with floating exchange rates

Ch. 13. The price level, real output, and economic policymaking

Ch. 14. Domestic economic policymaking in a global economy

Ch. 15. Policy coordination, monetary union, and target zones

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Joseph P. Daniels and David D. VanHoose. International Monetary and Financial Economics, Third Edition. Mason, OH(2005) ISSN: 0324261608
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