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Journal of International Women Studies (2013)
  • Joseph Anbarasu, Dr.
  • Narmadha Karthick
The attitudes of sanitary workers are the real hindrances for their promotion and upward movement in the organisational hierarchy. This study is initiated after an initial survey conducted among sanitary workers in Trichy. The sanitary workers have no promotions and job enrichment till their retirement. This paper addresses the issue. A final study was initiated to know the reasons. The sanitary workers do not like to be trained for higher level jobs. The main barrier is their complacency. They are happy with what they possess. This attitude has to be checked. The municipal corporation has the policy to promote the lower level workers to the higher level jobs, if the employees are equipped with training and additional qualifications. However, the sanitary workers are not willing. On the other hand, they want to be skilled workers. There is a fear over training and promotion prevailing among these women sanitary workers. This has to be addressed; else it would be the main hindrance of their empowerment now and in the days to come
  • Sanitary Workers,
  • Women,
  • Empowerment,
  • Promotion
Publication Date
Summer March, 2013
Citation Information
Joseph Anbarasu and Narmadha Karthick. "2013" Journal of International Women Studies (2013)
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