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Building of a Prototype Grain Dryer
TSM 416 Technology Capstone Projects
  • Blake Wilson, Iowa State University
  • Nick Decker, Iowa State University
  • Christian Slater, Iowa State University
  • Cody Paggen, Iowa State University
  • Ty Willke, Iowa State University
  • Joseph R. Vanstrom, Iowa State University
  • Jacek A. Koziel, Iowa State University
Publication Date
Course Number and Title
TSM 416: Technology Capstone
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Agricultural Systems Engineering (Wilson, Decker, Slater, Paggen, Willke); Industrial Technology (Wilson); Agricultural Business (Decker)
Joseph R. Vanstrom and Jacek A. Koziel
Problem Statement

Loebach Brothers LLC is a company consisting of Dave and Joe Loebach. They hold design patents for the “Dorothy” projects. There are no stakeholders for this company. The group created a system that rapidly removes moisture from grain without using a heating element. The group redeveloped a previous prototype that is scaled to a full-size grain bin. The previous prototype was built without drawings and how it was manufactured was mostly through speculation and the client’s industry experience. However, the group does have a picture of how it was built. The client wanted this built for proof of concept on a large scale. The group was tasked to focus on building just the dehumidification unit, as the project scope constantly changed.

Citation Information
Blake Wilson, Nick Decker, Christian Slater, Cody Paggen, Ty Willke, Joseph R. Vanstrom and Jacek A. Koziel. Building of a Prototype Grain Dryer. Final Report. TSM 416 Technology Capstone Project, April 28, 2017.