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Modular Hydraulic Test Bench
TSM 416 Technology Capstone Projects
  • Bret Yeggy, Iowa State University
  • Cody Allen, Iowa State University
  • Rob Davis, Iowa State University
  • Chad Dolphin, Iowa State University
  • Joseph R. Vanstrom, Iowa State University
  • Jacek A. Koziel, Iowa State University
Publication Date
Course Number and Title
TSM 416: Technology Capstone
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Agricultural Systems Technology (Yeggy); Industrial Technology (Allen, Davis, Dolphin)
Joseph R. Vanstrom and Jacek A. Koziel
Problem Statement

Our group is working to create a modular hydraulic test bench. This mobile bench will has improvements over current test benches through the use of a modular base frame and specifically design add-on features. Our mobile bench impliments several key design features including: a drip pan, forklift support, adjustable back wheels to provide improved center of gravity to reduce tipping hazard, a handle for ease of moving, and an adjustable drawer attachment.

Citation Information
Bret Yeggy, Cody Allen, Rob Davis, Chad Dolphin, Joseph R. Vanstrom and Jacek A. Koziel. Modular Hydraulic Test Bench. Final Report. TSM 416 Technology Capstone Project, April 28, 2017.