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Fixtures for Production of Modular Weld Tables
TSM 416 Technology Capstone Projects
  • Jeremy Andersen, Iowa State University
  • Cameron Cate, Iowa State University
  • Brandon Norton, Iowa State University
  • Joseph R. Vanstrom, Iowa State University
  • Jacek A. Koziel, Iowa State University
Publication Date
Course Number and Title
TSM 416: Technology Capstone
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Agricultural Systems Technology (Andersen, Norton, and Randall); Industrial Technology (Andersen, Cate, and Norton)
Joseph R. Vanstrom and Jacek A. Koziel
Problem Statement

The problem that we worked with our client to solve focuses on the production of modular weld tables. The design for the weld table was already completed at the time we took on our project. The problem was that assembly of the table took far too long to be feasible for a production run of multiple units. Lack of proper fixturing would also lead to variance in the tolerances of each unit produced.

Citation Information
Jeremy Andersen, Cameron Cate, Brandon Norton, David Randall, Joseph R. Vanstrom and Jacek A. Koziel. Fixtures for Production of Modular Weld Tables. Final Report. TSM 416 Technology Capstone Project, April 28, 2017.