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#DigPINS Blending Connections: Faculty Development as a Networked Online Community
T3 + BlendLAC (2020)
  • Autumm Caines, University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • Taylor Jadin, Saint Norbert College
  • Joseph M. Murphy, Kenyon College
  • Maha Bali, American University in Cairo
  • Christine Moskell, Colgate University
#DigPINS (DIGital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks and Scholarship) is an online faculty development curriculum which blends synchronous and asynchronous online networked experiences for faculty at multiple institutions. Designed for a single liberal arts college in 2016, #DigPINS was implemented and adapted collaboratively and networked between multiple small colleges and regional public institutions in years that followed. Meant for small groups of 5 - 10 per institution, faculty and staff participants use a combination of public and private online environments to explore each of the four topic areas (Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship) and how they are affected by “the digital”.
  • faculty development
Publication Date
July 20, 2020
Bryn Mawr College and Saint Norbert College
Citation Information
Autumm Caines, Taylor Jadin, Joseph M. Murphy, Maha Bali, et al.. "#DigPINS Blending Connections: Faculty Development as a Networked Online Community" T3 + BlendLAC (2020)
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