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Domain of One's Own In the Liberal Arts
Domains19 (2019)
  • Autumm Caines, University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • Kristen Lukens, Saint Norbert College
  • Joseph M. Murphy, Kenyon College
  • Morris Pelzel, Grinnell College
  • Sundi Richard, Davidson College
There is much alignment between ethos of Domain of One’s Own, Indie Web, and the tenets of a liberal arts education. The open nature of the web lends itself to an intersection of local and global expressions of civic engagement and intercultural knowledge. Access to these expressions along with critical evaluation of societal impacts brings up issues of ethical reasoning and critical thinking. Combined with the changing nature of the web it seems there is a potential for all of this to set a stage for lifelong learning. Yet the liberal arts environment can still struggle with implementation of DoOO and Indie Web concepts because of a whole host of issues including getting buy-in for funding, supporting pedagogical approaches, and trusting students with public spaces. Though not all of us may be affiliated with Liberal Arts institutions many of us have core curriculums or departments that pull from these tenets. This session will facilitate a conversational round table discussion inviting teachers, designers, directors, technologists, scholars, and others who work with DoOO in the liberal arts at various levels to discuss various questions including but not limited to: How do you see the approaches to DoOO and IndiWeb ideas align with liberal arts tenets in curricular as well as co-curricular uses? What uses are directly pedagogical and which may be inherited from student culture (or other cultures) on campus? How does the idea of ownership, as advocated by DoOO, and the idea of independence around IndiWeb align or diverge with the liberal arts ethos in your mind or at your institution? How important are the tenets of the liberal arts to your institution as a whole? Is your institution a liberal arts institution or are the liberal arts implements mostly at the department level or in general education? Do you see DoOO or IndieWeb having more or less success at the department level or at the whole institution level? What struggles and/or advances do you have getting buy-in for DoOO and indie web at your institution from: faculty, upper administration, mid-level administration including Central IT; the library; pedagogy centers; assessment centers? Do these stakeholders recognize the alignment of the ethos of the liberal arts with these initiatives? This is just a sampling of questions that will come secondary to organic conversational flow and audience participation. Though fifteen minutes will be set aside at the end of the panel for questions audience members will be encouraged to interact throughout the session.
Publication Date
June 11, 2019
Durham, North Carolina
Citation Information
Autumm Caines, Kristen Lukens, Joseph M. Murphy, Morris Pelzel, et al.. "Domain of One's Own In the Liberal Arts" Domains19 (2019)
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