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Astrovirus infection in hatchling turkeys
Poultry Digest
  • Mari Thouvenelle, Iowa State University
  • Joseph S. Haynes, Iowa State University
  • Don L Reynolds, Iowa State University
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Astrovirus is just one of several different enteric viruses identified in association with turkey viral enteritis, which has been a primary concern in the area of enteric diseases of turkeys, although the economic impact on the turkey industry is not fully known.1 Losses stem from the high morbidity of the disease resulting in decreased growth and flock unevenness. Additionally, this disease appears to be highly prevalent and geographically widespread. Astrovirus causes problems even for producers who employ good management practices in modem facilities.

This article is published as Thouvenelle, ML; Reynolds, DL; Haynes, JS: Astrovirus infection in hatchling turkeys. Poultry Digest, 1993, v. 52, n. 3, pp. 13-16. Posted with permission.

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Mari Thouvenelle, Joseph S. Haynes and Don L Reynolds. "Astrovirus infection in hatchling turkeys" Poultry Digest Vol. 52 Iss. 3 (1993) p. 13 - 16
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