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Knowledge translation platforms to support African evidence-informed policies: challenges and progress
Evidence & Policy (2021)
Background: An effective health system that ensures availability and access to quality healthcare
produces active human capital. Responsive health systems are the results of evidence-informed
policy practice which is mostly seen in advanced countries. Deficiencies in most African health
systems are due to the ineffective use of health research to reinforce public health policymaking.
Key points for discussion: This paper discusses the progress and challenges faced by Knowledge
Translation Platforms (KTPs) in African evidence-informed policymaking among healthcare systems.
Large gaps exist between research evidence and policymaking in Africa due to inefficiencies of
the KTPs and the lack of political will to use sound ethical research outcomes to inform health
policies. Activities of KTPs in Africa are most often curtailed by many obstacles, but not limited to
the following; lack of infrastructure, human and financial capital, high turnover among top-level
policymakers, and lack of collaboration between academia and industry.
Conclusions and implications: Evidence informed policymaking is crucial to the achievement of
the health-related Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
  • knowledge translation platforms • evidence-informed policies • Africa • challenges and progress
Publication Date
Winter February 26, 2021
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"Knowledge translation platforms to support African evidence-informed policies: challenges and progress" Evidence & Policy (2021)
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