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Empires vs States
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (2017)
  • Josep M. Colomer
The classical analytical category of “empire,” as opposed to “state,” “city,” “federation,” and other political forms, can account for a large number of historical and current experiences, including the past United States of America, the European Union, Russia, and China. An “empire” has been conceived, in contrast to a “state,” as a very large size polity with a government formed on movable frontiers, with multiple institutional levels, overlapping jurisdictions, and asymmetric relations between the center and the diverse territorial units.
  • Empire,
  • State,
  • Imperialism,
  • Federation,
  • United States,
  • European Union,
  • Russia,
  • China
Publication Date
August, 2017
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Josep M. Colomer. "Empires vs States" Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (2017)
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